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Michael Archuleta, J.D., M.D., M.B.A. is an Experienced Military and VA Medical Malpractice Attorney and a Medical Doctor.

Dr. Archuleta has more than 28 years of experience helping Military Families and Veterans receive compensation for injuries and wrongful death due to military and VA medical negligence.

His Firm has Achieved Three of the Largest Judgments—and Three of the Largest Settlements—in the 70+ year history of the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA).

Video Transcript
My name is Michael Archuleta and my passion is to handle Federal Tort Claims and specifically military and VA malpractice cases under the Federal Tort Claims Act. I’ve been doing this for over twenty-five years.

Some of my background that’s helpful in handling these cases is that I’m also a physician. Before I went to law school I completed medical school and I completed an internship and I’m a licensed physician, which makes me a medical doctor. That has been one of the most important things that I’ve done in my life and in my career.

I went to law school because I am passionate about helping people and their families when someone is injured or killed as a result of medical negligence. Later, I focused my practice on military and VA medical malpractice cases, because I have found that those families and those veterans and those military members are some of the best clients that a lawyer could ever have.

A primary misconception that we’ve heard clients say many times is that they were told that the government couldn’t be sued, or that the Army/Navy/Air Force/Department of Veterans Affairs could not be sued, because they were the federal government. That’s not true in all cases.

It’s really important for someone who has been injured by medical malpractice at a government facility, such as a military or VA facility, that they have their case evaluated to see whether or not there is an avenue for recovery for their case. Congress made the Federal Tort Claims Act specifically so citizens of this country, and other countries, who are injured by the federal government could bring claims against the federal government. It is a Congress-sanctioned activity. There is nothing wrong with having your claim evaluated, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with bringing a claim against a government agency.

I encourage you to act as expeditiously as you can when you think that there may be a potential case. It costs nothing, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a case evaluated.

Dr. Michael Archuleta