The Law Firm You Choose May Be the Most Important
Decision You Ever Make About Your Case

Why we focus on Veterans Medical Malpractice Claims

“When a veteran’s medical care falls to the level of malpractice, I have a passion to help them.”

“Our law firm represents families in claims against the Veterans Administration.”

Can I Sue The VA, Army, Navy, or Air Force for Medical Malpractice?

“Often times people come to our law firm and think that there’s no possibility of them having a case against the federal government and we’re able to make a recovery for them.”

Doctor & Lawyer for VA and Military Medical Malpractice Cases

“Before I went to law school I completed medical school and became a licensed medical doctor, which has helped me tremendously in handling military and veterans medical malpractices cases.”

“Because I’m a physician I am able to understand what’s in the medical records.”

There is No Fee if No Recovery

“The clients don’t put up any money and there’s only a fee if there’s a recovery in the case.”

How to File a VA or Military Medical Malpractice Case

“One of the most common things we see when a someone files their own claim and has done it improperly or not thoroughly enough it can ruin their case.”

“We’ve even seen attorneys that have handled claims improperly.”

VA and Military Medical Malpractice Claim Types

“I’ve handled many different kinds of cases in the last 20 years. Birth injury, cerebral palsy, brain injury, spinal cord injuries, and wrongful death are just some examples.”

“Any time a government employee is negligent and causes injury or death to someone, there’s a potential for a Federal Tort Claims Act claim.”